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Please take the time to read, this is very important information for you to know.

As of this passed January 2017 there will be no more R22 a/c replacement units made of any brand.

All equipment produced from now on will use the refrigerant known as R410A.

This will be a problem for some home owners that need to replace the damaged / failed outdoor unit, the problem being is that the older equipment that use the refrigerant R22 and the new refrigerant R410A do not work together. So what does this mean for you?

Unfortuneatly it means a higher cost to get the system upgraded, both the outdoor and indoor units must be replaced, and in most cases the refrigerant lines that connect the two parts will also need to be replaced and this can in some systems be harder to do then the system itself do to the fact that some systems were installed when the house was being built and the refrigerant lines are installed inside a wall on the inside of the home and can not be accessed to replace.

This will mean that the copper piping will have to be installed on the outside of the home ( if that can be done ).

Your HVAC contractor will need to look at the home to see if that needs to be done and how it could be done, keep in mind that not all piping needs to be replaced, if what is installed complies with what the new system needs than it can be reused and save some time and money.

 We here at ABCON AIR being both a consumer and an HVAC company felt that we should let you the consumer and potential customers know about the changes that have taken place in our industry and maybe help prepare you for the sticker shock and the reasons as to why things are going to cost more then you expected.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have in regards to your heating, a/c systems.

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